Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Love Endearvement Game

Everyone wants to be with the love of his life. Here is a chance for you to try it out. Join the Love Endearvement Game! All you need to do is find that love of your life...

There was an island called the Serendipity Island. On this island was a very famous school called Love International University and everyone that's young and passionate about love come to study in this school.

One day, the school organized a challenge to all of the students in this university-- THe Love Endearvement Game. The rule of the game is very simple. Get the love of your life. Ask him or her be your partner in this game. Those that wins this game will get the following prizes:

Prize #1: 2 days 3 nights at Bali, Indonesia x3
Prize #2: 2 days 3 nights at Phuket,Thailand x3
Prize #3: 2 days 3 nights at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia x3
Consolation prize: 2 days 3 nights at Serendipity Island's secret corner x1

The game is divided into four stages. Before each stage begin, the couples will be assigned homework to do and will be guarded by cameras 24 hours so to ensure no negative words will be said to the partner while they are not together and in the process of completing their tasks. Those with negative words or show signs of frustrations will be forfeited from the game. During the weekend, the couples will be called together to go through the stage together. From understanding each others' like/dislike to acting passionately around each other, the fourth stages of the game will be tested on how much the couple is willing to sacrifice for each other, even to the extend of loosing one's life.

All the students in the school were very excited about this game, especially to the prizes that's offered.

Natasha is always in loved with Adam so she had asked him to be her partner and she agreed but throughout the middle of the game, Natasha gets bored of going on getting to know more about him so she went out with a professor instead. Belin, Laova found out that she's going to die if she forfeit the rules of this game so together the two of them went to stopped her to bring her back to her room. However, on the way running back to the room, she been pulled down into the sea and can't be found. She's the first victim. Soon, one by one that forfeit the rules, having the same consequences-- gone into the water and no dead body to be found.

Things are going on strange in this island now. However, no one seems to believe Belin and Laova that these people's disappearance has to do with the Love Endearvement Game! In order to find out the truth and to save the disappeared people, Laova and Belin decided that either of their couples must win the game! Laova's partner was Hemmet ad Belin's partner was Joabahm.

Laova has been in love with Hemmet since the day she got to know him but however, Hemmet has already fallen in love with another girl but that girl do not love him so that's why he agreed to be in the game with Laova. His intention was to get the prize and then ask that girl to go with him instead of Laova.

Belin is Natasha's roommate and Laova has been staying with her since the disappearance of Natasha. The two of them are so convinced that the game was actually planned by the president of the school in revenge of the betrayal of the husband!

They found out that Love International University was founded and created by Madam Ashley Sandrason, whose husband was Andrew Sandrason, reported to be dead at the second day of their marriage. Since then, Ashley Sandrason has always misses her husband so she founded this school on her husband's island in remembrance of her late husband. So Laova made a hypothesis that Ashley Sandrason's the one behind all the disappearance cases as she want to take revenge on those unfaithful and beautiful girls. At times, she even followed Ashley Sandrason, who always disappeared in her own bedroom in the middle of the night. The only thing is that Laova can't find out where she has gone.

Meantime, Laova and Hemmet has grown closer to each other during the game. Hemmet get to know that Laova is actually a very good girl. But he has already vowed to love the other girl...

Finally, to the fourth week / fourth stage of the game. In this stage, the remained couples, which only 10 left, are to engaged in a very dangerous activity. During the activity, they are to look out for each other and to sacrifice for each other. Surprisingly, Hemmet was the one that look out for Laova more than Laova look out for him as Laova was looking for some clues to get into a secret pathway which she believes that will lead to the place where all the disappeared were kept.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Pheep!!!!! Game time finished. The fourth stages cleared. The top winner, as expected, was Laova and Hemmet, followed by Belin and Joabahm and the third highest was the girl that Hemmet loved and her partner. These three couples are entitled 2 days 3 nights in Bali where their movements will also be guarded by camera, without them knowing.

But before going to the 'honeymoon', these three couples were led by the guards of the game, blind-folded, to a mystery place. To Laova's expectation, they all come to a place where all the disappeared people were kept and each of them were blind-folded and tied to the wall too. The only thing that Laova don't expect is that Mr Andrew Sandrason, Madam Ashley's husband is still alive!

"What's the whole purpose behind this game? What do they want us to do? Why are they doing all of these to get us here? Do they want us to kill each other? What's the rule of the game now?"
While all of these questions popping in Laova's mind, Ashley broke the silent: "Welcome to Seren. Island's secret corner, the Death Coat" "The Death Coat?", thought Laova. "What does that mean?"

"Do you all think all of you is going for the little honeymoon in Bali? The game is not over yet! This is the real game!" Hissed Ashley.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Hemmet in desperation. He can't wait to offer to the girl he loved to go with him to Bali but Ashley is making him loosing his patient.

Spontaneously Madam Ashley pulled out an AK47 and handled it over to Hemmet: " Pull the trigger and shoot your girl, and then I'll tell you what to do."

Immediately Laova break the silent:"give me the gun Madam Ashley..." so Laova took the gun and point towards Andrew Sandrason. "He is the one betrayed you, right? So he should die..."

Everything happened so fast that Madam Ashley took the gun from Laova and shoot Hemmet. In pain, Laova went over to Hemmet. In a second, Hemmet fainted. "What do you want from us????!!!!!!" shouted Laova.

"Simple. All of you girls stay here and I will let your men live. Sacrifice! This is what I called sacrifice!" Replied Andrew Sandrason in excitement.

"He is just a crazy person, and Madam Ashley is one too! What should I do now!" Thought Laova.

"Shut up Andrew, you are ruining my plan! Oh my dear Laova, don't you see these girls are so beautiful? Unfortunately they all have to die, because they are not faithful to their partners, just like one that took my husband away you know :) Who was she? Right there!" Madam Ashley pointing to a dark corner where a very long hair woman tied to a wood nearby. She does not show any sign of being alive.

Laova couldn't tell now, who's the one that is crazy! All she know she need to play a psychology game with them in order to retrieve freedom.

........ TBC...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are You READY?

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Have you ever thought of where to go shopping?Well, what do you need to have a complete Chinese New Year? Lets take a look at what I have here...

First of all is of course to go and shop for food to display in the living room of the house for people that come to visit to eat :) Visitation to relatives' or friends' house is actually the real purpose of Chinese New Year, that is to have everyone in the family and the blood line to be close to each other and to know how they are doing :) The picture on the left showing all the Chinese junk food that you can buy for this purpose :)

The location in which the pictures were taken was called Kenyalang Park, Kenyalang Suburb. A very old place that consists of a cluster of shophouses and one enclosed area. Its the place to go if you want to find cheap items like clothes, accessories and DVDs/VCDs. Around Jan-Feb, Chinese families come here to get supplies for the Chinese New Year celebrations - which are available only once a year. During this time the whole place will be flooded with alot of people and alot of red things hanging around. From the pictures you can see alot of aunties walking around picking the suitable goods for their house.

These Chinese junk food are actually not the normal junk food that we often see and it is not cheap to buy. Some 1kg can go up to RM 50, just like what you can see from the picture. Some of these junk foods are actually dried directly from the meat itself or extract from some plants, or combination of both. The one I like is called 'you hu' which is a kind of dried fish. It taste a bit sweet and salty as well but it is spongy, which is good to bite.
This is what I called the Junk Food Street, just imagine that each bucket representing a shop. So that means there are three rows of shops that are full of junk food! That is really alot!! Are you salivating yet?
More to come! Here closer look! Chinese junk food are actually easy to bite and eat as they are soft in nature.

This red-green-orange stuff is spongy and sweet at the same time. Its my mother's favorite. Sorry I don't have a name for it! Which mean I need to be more Chinese!! What a shame...

Ok finish with the food! Now come with the things to hang around your house, from inside out. Another important matter for Chinese when celebrating new year is so that can have a very good and smooth start and hope that all wishes come true and nothing bad will happen, that is why you can see all of these things with Chinese words was made for hang inside or outside of the house.

This is a tiger scroll, from here you can tell that 2010 is the year of tiger.

From 'tang lung' to the scroll...

To things that you can used to put inside the house.

The 'mei hua' (a kind of pink flower that only blossom during the winter time) is very crucial for Chinese New Year too.

Other than the things that you can see above, you can also use red packets to make various of wordings and stick it on the wall. The tiger idols are for decoration in the house. Every year different animals will come and give its new year 'greeting' to the Chinese....we can never be alone in new year!

There is even new year pillows!

Of course! Never forget to buy some clothings for yourself! What more to cut your hair, paint your house! And etc...the theme is, to have everything NEW!

Even the SNOOPY is also preparing to have a Chinese New Year!!!! Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Now my target is to buy clothes....if you know any good place to buy clothes in Kuching please let me know! Only two weeks left to Chinese New Year! I had been to the Indian Street, Tabuan Jaya and tomorrow MJC...hope I can find something different...and yet cheap :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I had a dream

Do you like dreaming?

Dreams are a series of images, sounds and feelings occurring in the mind during sleep, accompanied with rapid eye movement. Dreams typically last in the range of 5 to 45 minutes. The contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Wah! Such an interesting explanation! As long as I am alive, I can tell you that I dream most of the nights in my life and weird thing is that I get to remember them and they will also continue on the next night of my sleep! Now that is really interesting!

Once there were professionals said that people that dream always is because they have not made their dream come true yet...There are so many things that they want to do in life but they just simply cannot get it done.

I had started working about three months ago and all I can tell you is that I had forgot all the things that I want to achieve in my life. I have no time to think about the plan that I had for myself. The sad thing is that this has happened to most people in this world. About 70% of the people in this world has forgotten their dream especially when they started working and then that is it...their lives will revolve around the working routine! AND its so meaningless...the way I see it. Imagine this...If I ask you to stay in a workplace for 13 years will you want to do it? Today I had come to know a person that has work in a place for 13 years! THis has never strike me so hard before because I am doing the same kind of job too! As a teacher we put our time to teach other people's children..putting our hope on them and groom them, but in the end, they turn back and take a bite on us, on our mental health especially, they make us feel angry, as a result increasing the chance to get cancer and etc...when can we stop and think about ourselves?

People of the world! Don't forget your dreams! The dreams that you used to have during your school days does not have to be a fairytale! Make it come true! IF you want to travel around the world, go ahead! FInd ways to do it! IF you want to be a nurse instead of a babysitter, go for it! THere is nothing too hard in this world unless you take a step forward to start reaching it!!!!

DOnt let your dream reach you only while you sleep, but let it reach you in reality too....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cat's life

I still remembered that I watched a Cantonese drama series last year, called When a Dog loves a Cat. As the name of the drama describes, you can tell that it is about cats and dogs or more specific, its to describe the unique relationship between pets and people. There is not only love story between humans but also between animals too! Animals are cute and loving in general, especially if you are able to understand them and gain their trust and take away their shield of defensiveness. They wanted to be loved and cared for and as a result, you will feel that they do the same too. That is why pet therapy is successfully at work for those that has emotional problems especially when it has to do with the word, LOVE.

In this movie it is said that lady should learn to be like a cat, so quiet, soft and yet arrogant and steady and man should learn from the dog, cares for the people around him and in the end will be able to chase the one that he loves, just like in this case, the dog, Siu Ba cares for the cat, Can Can (instead of Man from Mars and Woman from Venus..klekekekeke)

So sweet right? Look at below.

I had come across all kinds of cats since February. All of them gave me different insights and ponders. If you say that being a human is hard then that means you haven't know how cat lives.

Follows will be lots of pictures about cats and the ponders that I get from observing them.
As there are many kind of humans out there, so does cats.

The cats above were from a barber home shop back in Kuching. This three cats are peacefully laying on each other to keep warm and sleep. If you notice that the cat in the middle is an old cat and is the mother for the other two cats (or still considered as kitten?) These cats are so fortunate because first, they are not abandoned but has a family that takes care of them and food provided too. All they do is make out, sleep and play with their tails, and, look cute... like this:

They were all sleeping and I try to wake all of them up. But it appears that only the 'kittens' wakes up.

Cute right? Well...

This is the mother! Even look old from the face!

Emm maybe this one is not so cute...
As I came back to UTM, again I see cat with kittens. This time they are in black and white (Cos the mother is black and white ma...and the father should be lo!!!!lol) Again I would say that these cats are StIlL! Fortunate. Is it cats' mating season?

I'd spotted that this cat has been pregnant and is expecting that it will give birth sometime soon.. and it just happened after I get back to UTM. If you ask me who is the owner for this cat, I will say that all of us that are living in the block are the owners, because we give food, and most of all, provide a box, like below for the cat to give birth.

Every cat has its own beauty, even though its only black and white. I like the cute kitten that lays just above the mother below. Though it is scared of me but it still do not back up from its original laying place. Isn't it looks like its going to fight with me? :p

Well this black one not bad also with its fragile look :p

Actually I'm impressed by this cat (the mother cat) Why? Because it just being so strong and stubborn and willing to do anything to protect its kittens from any harms that might come its way. Well , how do I know? Because this cat just moved all of her kittens and foods the next day I returned to visit and it just ran away from any human it see...unless you have food la! Well at least it still gets food for free... but...look at another cat below...

If you look carefully, its a pregnant cat carrying a big bag of leftover food in a plastic bag. Imagine the weight of it its the same as the cha kueh tiaw or chicken rice that you packed from the shop. And look at this cat, it actually carried this bag from the very end of the long building to the other end. Estimation? Just imagine the width of a very long hall. I followed this cat for half of the way to just get a shot of it and it just so determined to get away from me, but at last, it stopped to rest.

See, even it stopped to rest but it still did not let go of the bag of 'food'. Come on, I don't plan to steal it from you!!!!

But in the end, it realized that the food is not that delicious after all, so it came to find me! Its just how amazing that this cat managed to find me that was sitting at a very far end of the building. Poor cat... wish I had something to give her...
Now this is another cat...its a male instead.

It just get so friendly with the people in my classroom so suddenly. They were all having mandarin test and this cat just appeared from nowhere and wondered around the classroom for most of the time that we were there. Its just hungry...

If you see carefully this cat actually has lost his right eye!

Though hungry, it still determined to show us his best trick and stunns.

But too bad I just don't have any food to give to this cat :( At the end this cat just disappeared with disappointment. Oh...
Now how does that feel? Tell me if being a human is easy or hard...then compare yourself with these cats that I had described. Still, being a human is better, but as a human we should also treats other things around us next time if you see animals like cats or dogs, just give it a pat on the head or if you have phobia of touching them, give them your food lo...cos they don't find food as easily as you...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pendas Part 2

It was a sunny Friday 730 in the morning. I was having hard time to wake up from my sweet dream as I slept around 3 o'clock in the morning. However I got to wake up as this is the day that I had longed for, the day to go sampling and set another start for my practical. It was exciting and yet nervous.

I arrived at the lab to get things ready around 745 am. We've got the things ready few weeks back but now its just for the final check. Additional things that we need to get ready are icebox, and some life jackets. By 815am, we were ready to leave for Fishermen Jetty Kampung Ladang (Fishermen Jetty Ladang Village).

Around a quarter passed 9 o'clock we've arrived at the Fishermen Jetty of Ladang Village. There were many ships, both big and small, parked around the jetty.

Having no time to stop by to eat breakfast, I am thankful that I saw this.

Doesn't ring a bell? Well....this is a seafood restaurant! Of course I am not going to have a big meal here, but at least I can find some food here. I ended up having a Nasi Lemak (this food is also served in Mission College Cafeteria every Wednesday or Thursday lunch but vegetarian, with red sweet mashroom, peanuts, boiled eggs and white rice. However the real Nasi Lemak taste better!!!!) Though not alot, but this Nasi Lemak managed to give energy to my body that is lacking of rest.

The only two men that came for this sampling trip from UTM was respected Dr Shahir Shamsir that make this trip possible and right, Mr KTC that is going to be responsible for fish catching. (It is nothing easy!!!)

Here are things that we will use for sampling, from the left is the fabric gloves, plastic gloves, autoclaved ice-cream stick and Bijou bottles for the mucus.

More Bijou bottles, gloves and cloth.

Parafilms (made in Chicago) to seal the gap between the Bijou bottle and its cover. This is to ensure that the mucus does not spill off from the bottle and to reduce the possibility of other elements from the air to get into the bottle.

Some life jackets to ensure that we can still float if any of us fell into the sea.

We need to wait for the people that will take us to the sampling site. They are the people that owns the boat or the sampling site (or at least have connection with the owner of the sampling site?) if not we will not be able to make it. This makes me realized that there are many things that we cannot do alone. We need the help of other people.

The people finally arrived after around 10 minutes of waiting. No longer later the boat arrives too. After wearing our life jackets, all of us are ready to get on board.

The picture above- getting on the board. We need to walk down to the riverside to go on board. The trail was a little bit slippery as it rained a night before.

Picture above showing all of our stuff and begs on the boat. The boat that we used for me was a little bit shallow. A little bit imbalance for one side could cause the whole boat to be filled with water. Having not getting on a boat for a long time makes me a little nervous :) I'm just afraid that I will be the first one to fall into the water!

The look of the jetty from far as we traveled away. Sometimes we just don't realize that we are living in such a beautiful world, that every corner around us does look beautiful in one way or another.

Another side of the jetty. I wonder if we could still see this kind of view 10 years later...

Doctor enjoying the view.

About 3-5 minutes later, we finally arrived at the sampling site. This sampling site located middle middle of the water. There were many water tunnels with different nets in which different fish were raised. We only want Ikan Siakap (Barramundi fish) and Ikan Kerapu
(Grouper fish).

Ikan Kerapu (Grouper fish) or scientific name Epinaphalus Tauvina is the kind of fish that has dots on the appearance. Today, 20 of the world's 162 known species of Grouper are threatened with extinction according to a survey by conservation groups. Grouper fish are popular food fish throughout the world, but due to their slow reproductive rates they are particularly vulnerable to overharvesting.

Ikan Siakap, or in English is known as Barramundi, also called Asian Seabass or Giant Perch with scientific name Lates Calcarifer.Unlike Ikan Kerapu, Ikan Siakap is not categorized as
endangered. Ikan Siakap can grow up to 1.8m and 60Kg (6`& 130 lb), common to 1.2 m.

The floating fish tunnel net or the sampling site, is taken care by a few male crews and they have their own place to sleep and to cook as well.

If you look at it a good way it is like a village house that is good for spending holidays and looking at the natural surrounding.

But from near, it is a place to grow fish.

First we need to find out the tunnel net that contains the kind of fish that we want, and then move our things there.

Then prepare a space in the tunnel net so that we can put the fish that we had scrapped the mucus from.

Then we get our net, ice cream stick and Bijou bottle ready to scrape the mucus from the surface of the fish. To do that, we need three persons to completely do the job-- a person to catch the fish using the net, a person to hold the fish and another person to scrape the mucus from the surface of the fish. We started with Ikan Siakap (Barramundi fish).

Then we are ready to begin the whole process of sampling. It is just easy--
catch a fish with the net

put it on a flat surface that can lay the fish flat; then cover the eyes of the fish with cloth and make sure it does not move,

and then the third person, scrape.

Me doing the scrapping part.

Trying to put all of the mucus into the Bijou bottle. I am telling you that it is not as easy as you see it!

After Barramundi fish, we proceed with Grouper fish. Scrapping the Grouper fish is not as easy as scrapping the Barramundi fish, because Grouper fish is heavier, bigger, fierce and ugly. Well ugly may not be one of the factor but really, Grouper fish is really ugly for me!

Lets start off with catching. It was unfortunate for us that there were two kinds of fish in the tunnel net of Grouper fish, which it makes the catching harder.

Instead of trying to find Grouper fish, Mr KTC just catch the non-Grouper fish and put it in another tunnel net.

To scrape from Grouper fish we need to make sure that the tail does not flip, because once it flip, it is hard to control as it is big and heavy. Some of the fish has injury on the skin so we cannot scrape from it. That has limits the numbers of our collection. We had targeted around 30 bottles (sample of mucus from 30 fish) but instead we only managed to collect 12 samples.

We rise the net a little bit to make sure the fish does not flip and then get away. However, we had accidentally let go a fish. Each fish is estimated to weigh around 5-10 kg and each kg is around 10 -15 imagine how much we need to pay if the owner demands us to pay for the fish that we had accidentally let go.

Due to time factor, we only could take sample of mucus from 15 Grouper fish as we need to reach UTM before noon.

The video above shows the process of collecting mucus sample from the fish.

The video above shows the journey back to the jetty.

We gave our last beautiful post for this memorable place before leaving :) Most of us were feeling tired and dehydrated at that time. All that in our mind was going back to the hostel and have a nice long bath, delicious meal, and maybe...a nice long nap :)

This is just the beginning of a long hard work, because what needs to be done after this will involves many trial and error testings. Visit for the daily researches that will be performed upon these mucus :) Another blog featured by SunSeT.